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NLP Predicates

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Build rapport with your customers by easily identifying the NLP representational modality of a text.

Our NLP Predicate Words report allows you to easily identify the key modality or representation system of a piece of text.

Our NLP Predicate Words Report highlights the predicate words in a piece of text. Predicate words are the words and phrases in NLP (primarily verbs, adverbs and adjectives) that reveal the representational system of the writer.

The primary sense based representation systems in NLP are:




*Smell and taste are considered a minor representation system

In addition we can encode our experiences in words. This representation system is know as 'auditory-digital' and is the 4th main representation system in NLP.

If you are analyzing a document written by someone else then this will give you an idea of their preferred representational system. This may help you tailor your writing in order to build rapport.

If you do not know the preferred representation system of the reader of your writing then you should aim to include words from all of the representation system, not just your own preferred one. This will hep your writing to be more appealing to a broader range of readers.

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