AdvancedLookup Demo

Crona Labs

AdvancedLookup enables you to work with standard lookup fields in list item forms efficiently.

AdvancedLookup is a cutting-edge application for SharePoint 2013 which enables you to work with lookup fields in list item forms efficiently and much easier! AdvancedLookup extends standard lookup fields in New and Edit list item forms (only ListFormWebPart is supported) to dynamic comboboxes with search capability that allows you to find items for lookup, in the search results view you can sort items by ID or display name of the lookup field, you can also open and add new lookup items.

This is a demo version of the app, it has several limitations. It extends only the first found lookup field in a list item form of the selected list. A lookup search may display only the first 12 list items in the search results view. It does not have the "Row limit" and "Exclude fields" settings.

The full version named AdvancedLookup is also available on the store.

Both versions of the app can be used on Office 365.

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