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Exosomatic Application Impact Analysis


Visualize organizational applications' interrelationships and impacts.

A visual application impact analysis tool (AIA) that lets you (or your delegates) collect information about your organizational applications ‐ where an "application" can have almost any definition ‐ and visualize how those applications interrelate.

Creates the potential for seeing the overall impact if one or more of your applications are not meeting service-level expectations. This can be highly useful in environments that have a number of interrelated applications and their relationships are not well-understood.

Key features include:

  • Over 75 data points to describe your applications;
  • Includes recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO);
  • Includes financial impact categories;
  • Interactive directed graph (digraph) of your applications and their interrelationships;
  • Bing Map of applications' locations;
  • Preloaded with a small sample data set, so you can begin to see the app in action immediately;
  • Sortable grid view of your applications;
  • Leverages SharePoint lists to persist your data; and
  • An app part that can be deployed to your SharePoint host website's pages.

This release of the app is licensed per organization for an unlimited number of users.

Built with client-side code (HTML, JavaScript, and the SharePoint Client-Side Object Model), this app requires no additional hosting infrastructure. The app runs entirely within your SharePoint site and within your browser.

Please note that the AIA app uses HTML5's canvas element; and so, it requires a modern browser, one that supports HTML5, such as Internet Explorer 9 or later.