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Sticky Notes allows users to add sticky notes to a page on SharePoint site.

Sticky Notes allows your users to add sticky notes to a page on your SharePoint site. Users are able to see only their own Sticky’s stored in a list in app web.

After installing the app, in the default page, you should be able to add any sticky note by clicking on the button.

Sticky Notes app will also be added to all site pages as a custom Action menu in the Ribbon control.

When the user clicks on the menu control the sticky notes app will be opened in a “Host Web dialog window” showing all stickys created and user can create stickys too.

Here is the highlight of some of the sticky notes functionality:

* Moving a sticky around (position is not saved in list).

* Resizing of the sticky (size is not saved).

* Changing the text of the sticky (saved in list).

* Saving occurs when you click away from the sticky being edited.

* Sticky’s are filtered based on the currently logged in user name matching the “Created By” user name.

* Updating sticky is saved back to the list.

* Deleting sticky when close button is clicked, it will prompt for confirmation before deleting. But if user presses cancel, he will have to refresh the page to see the sticky again.

Known issues to be fixed in next release:

* Resizing of the Sticky is not saved.

* Saving of the Sticky position after moving will be done in next release

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