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Beastexcel - Market Data, Analytics, Trading Tool


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Market Data, Analytics, Trading - A workflow integration tool for the financial industry.

BeastExcel is a state of the art cloud based workflow integration and collaboration tools. It allows a user to access various types of market data, from Exchanges, ECNs/ATSs, Inter Dealer Brokers, Market Data Vendors and a variety of other sources directly into Excel. A cloud based architecture allows one to perform complex analytics accessible from within Excel. Not only one can access market data and analytics, BeastExcel allows one to leverage the power and flexibility of Excel in decision making and trade from within Excel. One can trade various financial instruments using a variety of methodologies that a liquidity avenue may provide, such as central limit order book (CLOB), Hit/Lift, Request For Quote (RFQ) or Market Making. BeastExcel is a very powerful workflow integration and collaboration tool that allows for a fully audit trailable, compliance driven workflow implementation and serves collaboration needs, eliminating errors, and improving efficiencies. One must be permissioned by The Beast Apps to be able to access financial markets from this plugin.

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