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Finance Rates

Garden City Consultants

A tool to load heterogeneous finance rates into Excel for economic analysis


This add-in reads the rates data into Excel sheet from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis database that collects data series from multiple sources. The rates data can be used to analyze the market performance, economy conditions, data modeling, etc.

The rates include:

  • Corporate Bond Spot Rate

  • Commercial Paper

  • Bank Prime Loan Rate

  • Treasury Rate

  • Treasury Bill

  • Bond Rate

  • LIBOR rate

  • Primary Mortgage Market

  • Weekly National Rates and Rate Caps

  • ...


  • Retrieve the rates of release, category.

  • Select multiple data periods for data analysis.

  • Over hundreds of rates data are available and can be loaded into Excel in a simple click.

This subscription provides a list of the basic rates data. Please email me if you wish to customize the feed to include more data series.


  • Download this add in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later.

  • Click the GCC Addin button in the menu bar.

  • Click the Finance Rate button to activate the Addin tab.

  • Select a release in the release drop-down.

  • Select a category in the category drop-down.

  • Select a data range in the duration drop-down.

  • Click Get button to load the data into the sheet.

Data Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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