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Get writing help fast, when and where you need it, while you’re working in Microsoft Word.

The Writer’s Help Now Add-In is a feature of Writer’s Help 2.0, Hacker Version. It requires a valid subscription to Writer’s Help 2.0, Hacker Version. With an existing Writer’s Help 2.0 account, you can access the Add-In and quickly search for writing, grammar, and research help where and when you need it most—as you are writing in Microsoft Word or Word Online. The Writer’s Help Now Add-In automatically searches Writer’s Help topics based on your selection in an Office document and displays results in a task pane.

Writer’s Help 2.0, Hacker Version, users can access the Writer’s Help Now Add-In with the same login and password they set up for Writer’s Help 2.0. If you do not have access to Writer’s Help 2.0, Hacker Version, you may purchase it online at www.launchpadworks.com.

You must have a current Writer's Help Hacker account to use the Writer's Help Now Add-In.

  • Get writing help when you need it.
  • Get back to your writing.
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