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Intapp Document Assembly

Intapp Inc.

5.0 (1)

An easy way to build brand and legal compliant templates with data from Intapp Intake or Flow

Intapp Document Assembly is a Cloud service that allows you to transform frequently used documents into templates that enable the fast production of personalized documentation such as Engagement Letters, Sales Agreements, SOWs, NDAs, Consulting Agreements, Lease Agreements, Pitch Decks, Waiver Letters and Offer Letters.

In combination with Intapp Intake or Intapp Flow, you can:

  • Automatically generate documents, using data gathered during the intake process (or additional information collected through questions integrated into regular form/workflow activity)
  • Support multiple templates, using the relevant option based on firm-defined business rules (e.g., matter type, geography, jurisdiction)
  • Manage review and approval of contracts/documents as part of the overall process
  • Attach generated documents to Intapp Intake or Intapp Flow requests, creating a clear record and audit trail

The Word Add-In provides an authoring tool to create complex templates easily. It makes it quick to insert fields and conditional sections into the document templates. It also shows the list of fields and conditional sections on any document.

Intapp Document Assembly requires a paid subscription to Intapp Intake or Intapp Flow.

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