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Keenious - Automatic Online Researcher


Analyses your writing and shows you the most relevant research from millions of online publications

Keenious is a free tool that analyses your writing and shows you the most relevant research from millions of online publications.

The New Way of Researching Online:

Writing a paper? Planning an essay? Searching for references can waste hours of your time. Keenious helps you write better papers by instantly finding the research that makes you go 'aha!'.

Discover the Right Research in Seconds, Not Hours:

Keenious analyses your entire text and browses through millions of articles, papers, and studies on the web to find the most relevant information in seconds. Say goodbye to hours of manual research.

Find References for Every Sentence You Write:

Need a specific citation? Want to broaden your knowledge on a certain topic? Highlight a sentence or paragraph in your document to find the most relevant research based on what you've written. Our smart algorithm will work its magic.

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