Insight HR

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Get relevant information and on time about your workforce

A well-designed Organizational Culture is the key tool to promote productivity.

Insight HR helps to manage your company's Organizational Culture, through quick surveys and powered by Microsoft 365 platform, giving you the following results

  • Engaged workforce
  • A Culture that embraces change and strategy

  • Productivity promoting environment

With easy to use tools, and measurable results

  • Analytics, ready to obtain and understand
  • Transform Data into suitable decisions
  • Fast and easy for everyone

With real-time information which let you

  • Act in a timely manner
  • Be current on your Organizational Culture
  • Perform periodic measurements

At a low cost, and a fixed monthly rate, adaptable to the needs of your company.

Reach out your workforce and walk together the path of success!

Do you know for a fact if a manager is an opinion leader within your organization? Or if a key employee has burnout syndrome?

We provided a way to answer these and many more questions about your workforce, through Insight HR.

Insight HR is a set of tools designed to provide analytics and help you manage your organizational culture, by identifying key people within your organization: influencers and establishing correlations with an influencer and the people around them, such as Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Trust Index, Wellness (Burnout index). Guaranteeing confidentiality for better results.

Insight HR does not give you a “recipe” for manage your organizational culture, it gives you an “X-ray HR image” for the HR Manager to read and interpret, the expert knowledge of your organization is needed to drive changes, and to take the right decisions, data backed decisions obtained easily with Insight HR.

To get started, just sign in within Insight HR, an Office 365 admin account is needed for the first time, once that the permissions are provided within your tenant anyone can sign in and see the demo.

Insight HR offers a sample of the results of implement our methodology in your organization. In order to deploy a complete solution or to know more about our existent offerings, we gladly expect your communication through our contact methods

Sega, S.A.

Phone: (502) 23845888 / (502) 23845870


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