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Simplify adding Sangoma meeting details into a calendar invite.

Sangoma Meet makes it easy to add Sangoma meeting details into a calendar invite using your Outlook client.

Click Invite to Meet button on calendar event ribbon and Sangoma Meet connection info will be inserted automatically.

Once Sangoma meeting details are inserted, add the meeting title, participants, set the time to meet and send invite. You are now ready to host your video conference. Simple!

Event attendees will receive a link to join your meeting. Join link can be used on desktop or mobile devices.

For attendees who prefer to join using their phone, invite text will also contain information for dialing into a meeting via regular phone network.

Get Started

If you have or Office 365 account or if connecting your Outlook client to Microsoft Exchange environment provided by your organization's:

  • Click "Get it Now" button (above) and follow the prompts.

If you use Microsoft Outlook with Gmail (G Suite), then Sangoma Meet installation needs to be initiated from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook.
  • Find and click Get Add-ins action on the ribbon.
  • In the presented dialog use search field, find Sangoma Meet
  • Click Add button to complete installation

Compatibility Information:

  • Sangoma Meet works with all versions of Outlook that allow add-ins for Office: Outlook Web App, Outlook 2013, later versions of Outlook including Office 2016 for Windows and Mac.
  • Sangoma Meet works with accounts, any Office 365 commercial subscription and on-premises Exchange Server environments.
  • Sangoma Meet also works with Gmail accounts as long as G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook package is installed on a client device.

Sangoma Meet is a multi-platform video conferencing service, based on WebRTC, which provides the best in video conferencing security and experience, whether on a mobile device or desktop computer. Sangoma Meet enables anyone to start a video conference on any device they want. Collaborate with co-workers on projects, keep in touch with your whole family, share some screen-time with your team or meet their family and pets and feel like you’re there with them. For more details on Sangoma Meet service, please visit

Funcionalidades do aplicativo

Quando esse aplicativo é usado, ele
  • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
  • Esse aplicativo pode acessar e modificar informações pessoais na mensagem ativa, como o corpo, o assunto, o remetente, os destinatários e as informações de anexo. Ele pode enviar esses dados a um serviço de terceiros. Outros itens em sua caixa de correio não podem ser lidos ou modificados.

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