Aranda Virtual Agent

por Aranda Software Corp.

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Creating and querying cases without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Reduce the number of clicks to create or consult a case in the Service Desk, thanks to the integration that allows Microsoft Teams to be an effective channel to request services, facilitating the lives of its users and reducing response times.

What is our solution?

Aranda Service Desk chatbot (conversational robot) in Microsoft Teams so that your clients and collaborators can generate cases, follow up on them, and consult articles for self-management in the knowledge base without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Why use our solution?

Because it centralizes the digital workspace, integrating the daily collaboration platform and the Service Desk.

Because it streamlines the process for creating cases through the chatbot in Microsoft Teams.

Because it reduces costs and time for collaborators by avoiding having to move between platforms.

Features and benefits:

ASDK chatbot for service management

  • Self-management to register requests in the Service Desk.
  • Consultation of the status of cases without requiring a specialist.
  • Quick access to the total list of cases registered in the Service Desk and to the articles in the knowledge base.
  • Accessibility for users

    • Agility to create requests, without using external applications.
    • Easy access for users without service management knowledge.
    • Access from the Microsoft Teams mobile app, to create and consult cases from anywhere.

    Ease of administration and configuration

    • Configuration in a very few steps.
    • Access and permission management from the ASDK administration console.
    • Cloud and on-premise installation options.

    Funcionalidades do aplicativo

    Quando esse aplicativo é usado, ele
    • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
    • Esse aplicativo pode acessar informações pessoais na mensagem ativa, como números de telefone, endereços postais ou URLs. O aplicativo pode enviar esses dados para um serviço de terceiros. Outros itens em sua caixa de correio não podem ser lidos ou modificados.

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