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Hypatia is a next generation smart math equation editor designed to work the way you do.

Finally, a fast and easy way to include math equations in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Hypatia offers an unparalleled user experience, this will be your fastest math editor hands down.


Key features include:

- Easy-to-use user interface with the fastest math equation editor in Google's G-Suite Marketplace

- Publication quality math rendered into your document

- User entered math can be easily edited from menu driven editor

- Sidebar facilitates inserting and editing math

- Math font size and color automatically corresponds to surrounding text

- Syncing between the document/presentation and the add-on

- Use Mathpix to screen-grab an equation and copy/paste it directly into hypatia

- Select an equation on Wikipedia and copy/paste it into hypatia

- Build your formulas using math LaTeX commands

We are working on additional features and enhancements for teachers and students. These will include presentation tools, automatic math checking for errors, etc.. These will be available as a subscription mode.

The subscription model allows additional feature enhancements like font colors, broad pasting of equations into editor, pen annotations of math equations. To activate these features, user will need to register an account with hypatia.

We do not currently support Internet Explorer and versions of Microsoft Office that use Internet Explorer.

Please contact us at with your suggestions or questions. For more information visit

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