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Create a TV Channel of dashboards and notices to play inside Microsoft Teams.

Worried your teams are repeatedly missing out on important information?

That timely notices and messages get lost in the flow?

Struggling to find ways to present employee content easily, and where your teams already are?

Now you can create one visual feed of content, helping information to get to all of your teams across the world easily. Think of it like a TV Channel for your company, where you can add content like notices, metrics and reminders any time, from anywhere.

ScreenCloud gives you all the tools to create a visual company feed to keep all of your employees connected to what’s happening, in real time. Reduce silos in your organization by sharing important information in one visual dashboard, where your team already works.

With ScreenCloud you can:

Easily build your company Channel

Organize and add content like images and videos or connect tools you already use like Twitter, OneDrive, Outlook and Yammer into visual content for your Channel.

Share your dashboard data, securely

Securely share snapshots of real time dashboards from tools like Power BI and add them in your Channel to keep everyone on the pulse of important metrics.

Encourage employee content contribution

Give content creation powers to different teams and locations, allowing a seamless flow of employee-contributed content to help build your culture.

Broadcast to every team, wherever they work

Get your company noticeboard messages and announcements in front of your teams in a visual way to help with retention of key reminders, training and safety advice.

Keep brand recognition

In-built tools like brand themes and saved design Templates ensure that all of your content is on-brand and recognizable.

ScreenCloud is for businesses who want to ensure that important information reaches employees across all corners of the organization. Helping teams to stay on the pulse of what’s happening, in real time, so that they can make more informed decisions and stay connected.

To create your company TV Channel you’ll need a trial ScreenCloud account or a paid subscription. Set this up easily with a free 14-day trial and begin creating your Channel today at

For help and support you can contact our friendly team on

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