External Work Request for SwiftKanban

por Digite Inc.

Outlook Web Add-in for External Work Requests from SwiftKanban Application

You can raise a work request received from end-users in your MS Outlook Web application by using the Outlook Web Add-in option available under MS Outlook Addin in External Work Request screen of the SwiftKanban Application.

When you use our Add-in, it pulls information from the selected email and pre-populates the Title, Description, Name, and Email address fields in the External Work Request form, thereby leaving only the remaining details to be added. This results in faster work request creation in our SwiftKanban Application.

Steps to Generate MS Outlook Web Plugin

In SwiftKanban, navigate to External Work Requests and click MS Outlook Plugin option and select Outlook Web Add-in to generate the plugin.

A window opens listing the list of available external work requests in the current project and other projects in which you are a member. Select the work requests that you want to add to your MS Outlook Web application and click GENERATE.

Only the selected Work requests will get installed in your Outlook Web application. So, if you have any work request already installed in your add-ins then it will override or replace the list with the new ones.

A zip file gets downloaded into your system that includes the add-in file required to be imported in your Outlook Web application. Extract the zip folder and keep the EWR file it in your local system.

In Add-in - Click the "Import File" button to import the .ewr file generated from External Work Request of your product and saved in your local system.

Once you import the .ewr file the Work Request button gets enabled.

Now Addin is ready to create External Work Requests into Swiftkanban application


1) To use this add-in you need to enable the supporting license for External Work Request feature of SwiftKanban. Please contact us at to know how to avail it.

2) SwiftKanban and the External Work Request Add-in is not supported in Internet Exploser 11. We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

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If you have any queries, please contact us at

For existing customers of SwiftKanban, please contact your Digité Support SPOC (single point of contact), if you have been assigned one or drop us an email at:

Funcionalidades do suplemento

Quando este suplemento é usado, ele
  • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
  • Este suplemento pode acessar e modificar informações pessoais na mensagem ativa como as informações do corpo, assunto, remetente, destinatários e anexos. Ele pode enviar dados a um serviço de terceiros. Outros itens em sua caixa de correio não podem ser lidos ou modificados.

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