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Enable your team to effortlessly create consistent, accurate and tailored document templates.

Actionstep gives law firms the freedom & tools to evolve & grow.

Producing legal documents is a core part of any lawyers' life. Document automation helps the production of high quality legal documents every time (and in less time). But only if you have the right document templates. Actionstep's new template builder lets your firm create and edit document templates to suit different practice areas and client requirements. So documents are more consistent, accurate and tailored to your client, matter or case details.

  • Merge data from your matter directly into a document template.
  • Preview templates based on matters in your system.
  • Publish & share your templates for your team to use.
  • Access & edit existing templates created by you & your team.

This add-in makes creating simple document templates easy - saving time and ensuring quality document production.

To use this add-in, all you will need is an existing Actionstep account. Template Builder is included in your Actionstep subscription.

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