Magic Chart Slider

por Armin Razic

Magic Chart Slider - Filter charts as images from your Excel Work Book saved in your One Drive.

Magic Chart Slider - Filter charts as images from your Microsoft Excel Work Book saved in your Microsoft Drive.

Web Part that renders the Excel Charts and Sheets from Excel Workbook saved in one drive. User can filter Excel Charts from Excel Workbook that has been saved in one drive.

Functionality of solution:

Once you add your web part to SharePoint site go to edit mode of your web part.

In the edit mode, you can set the Title of your web part as well as, from drop-down box you can select the Microsoft Excel workbook that you want use as a chart source.

In your drop down box Web part filters all Excel Workbooks names with an extension .xlsx that were saved in your one drive.

Once you have selected Workbook, then in the web part display mode at the top you can see all Workbook Sheets that you have created in the workbook.

Click on the Sheet name, and then at the bottom of the web part all charts from that sheet will be enumerated (Chart -1, Chart - 2 .... etc).

Click on desired one, and charts will be displayed as an image in the web part.

If your sheet does not have any charts, then you will get message to chose a different sheet.

Armin Razic 2020.

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