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Schedule your business meetings in a matter of seconds directly from Outlook

We find the right time slot for everybody. From one to an unlimited number of guests.

All you can meet : Maximize your productivity with our intuitive interface and range of powerful features : Scheduling link, Smart poll, or Regular poll.

1. Directly from your email click on Letsmeet extension

2. The invite is ready to go with the most convenient slots for all

3. Confirm time preferences and location for your meeting

4. Send your email and Letsmeet will do the rest.

🔒 Your privacy matters: we won't store or share the contents of your calendars to anyone. 🤝

💡 Learn more and get started here :

✍️ For support questions and info contact us at

Note: In order to use this Outlook addin, you need either a Google or Microsoft account — and therefore calendar from one of these two providers.

Let's Meet offers a free plan that allows you to schedule up to five meetings per month for free. By opting for the Letsmeet premium subscription, you gain the benefit of scheduling an unlimited number of meetings every month and access to premium features.

Funcionalidades do suplemento

Quando este suplemento é usado, ele
  • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
  • Este suplemento pode acessar e modificar informações pessoais na mensagem ativa como as informações do corpo, assunto, remetente, destinatários e anexos. Ele pode enviar dados a um serviço de terceiros. Outros itens em sua caixa de correio não podem ser lidos ou modificados.

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