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The essentials of a Learning Management System directly within Teams

Learning in the flow of work has never been easier with Cornerstone OnDemand’s Microsoft Teams integration.

With this application, access your catalogue of training through intelligent search mechanisms including the Cornerstone chatbot. Stay on top of assigned training and increase your time to completion with proactive notifications about due training. Recommend and share training with your peers with a seamless login experience.

Cornerstone OnDemand company account required. If this is not the case, you will not be able to access the functionality. Please contact your LMS Administrator or visit for more information.


Access to your training catalogue: Search, find, insert and launch training within your catalogue using a Message Extension available in the Compose Message area.

Interactive bot: Ask the Cornerstone bot to return training based on your search query and see all training that is due soon or overdue.

In-app notifications: Be notified of upcoming and overdue training on your training record.

Training preview: See details about a shared training, including image, title, description and more.

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