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Smart Time Tracker to generate automated timesheets for Word, Excel & Powerpoint activities

Use Lexor Office plugins to track your effective time spent in Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. The plugin tracks your time in a smart way with auto filter of idle time. All tracked activities are synchronized with the general Lexor app ( with other tracked activities (Teams VoIP calls, meetings, edge,...). Lexor AI engine estimates time spent and suggest a project match based on your active projects.

Start using the Lexor office plugin and the Lexor plugin will be your Personal Assistent tracking your billable time during the creation, revision or reading documents. No more manual guesses need to be made to create timesheets. You will not only increase productivity of yourself and your team but also increase significantly billable hours. The use of this Office plugin is included in Lexor's subscription. There are no one-time automatic fees charged for using this plugin.

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