Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis

por Roland Schnurr

Easy analysis and evaluation of process capability and measurement systems

Are you faced with the task of performing a measurement system analysis or proving a machine or process capability?

Sixsigmablackbelt - Analysis provides you with tools:

  • realized in Excel to allow you to easily customize and operate the templates
  • providing the assurance of outputting correct results because the templates and calculations are validated
  • proven in practice and used by many companies

In the add in we provide you with the templates and calculations for:

  • machine capability calculations
  • measurement system analysis type 1
  • measurement system analysis type 2 (ANOVA)

Further applications are in preparation.

The procedures mentioned are used across all industries / regions and company sizes. The procedures are based on the recognized procedures in the automotive sector, from Bosch and AIAG 4th.

How to use the add in

Per procedure, one button press is enough to create an existing template. After you have changed data, another button press calculates the data and updates the charts.

All templates can be customized by you to suit your needs in terms of formatting, inserting logos and so on. The customized templates can be saved by you and edited again at any time.

All Excel functionalities are available. Templates in other languages are available in the Support section.

What happens to your data should you stop using the add in?

If you stop using the add in, you will the only restriction is, that you are not be able to perform new calculations.

All existing tables and calculations remain available and unchanged.

Your tables are thus also usable for all who do not use the add in.<

Continuous improvement

Without a license, the number of calculated values in the templates is limited. With a license you can calculate the entire number of values.

Our licensing model allows us to continuously improve our software at no additional cost to our customers. We regularly release free updates that include great new features in addition to the usual improvements. This way "Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis" becomes more powerful, efficient and most importantly easier to use.

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