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Gather audience responses via the web, instantly visualising the results on intuitive charts

Active-Class PowerPoint presentation add-in allows you to collect audience input. You can collect responses from the audience and show results in real time on your slides without the need to navigate to other applications or pages.

You can have different question formats:

  • multiple choice questions (with one or more correct answers) with responses shown on bar plots
  • listboxes and sliders with responses shown on bar plots
  • free texts with responses shown as word clouds

It is very easy to create and run polls. You need to create an account, create an activity and add your questions to the activity:

  1. go to
  2. sign up for a free account
  3. from the left menu, navigate to 'Activity' page
  4. create an unmarked activity
  5. adjust the settings and save
  6. click on the 'Content'
  7. add your question(s)
  8. click on 'Publish'

Now you can import the activity containing the questions to your PowerPoint:

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Add a new slide
  3. Add the Active-Class PowerPoint add-in to your slide (go to 'Insert' menu > 'Add-ins' > 'Find more add-ins' > search for 'Active-Class' > 'Add' add-in)
  4. On the PowerPoint slide, log in to your Active-Class account
  5. Select the activity you created earlier
  6. Create a new session *
  7. The joining information is now shown **

Then you add another slide containing your questions:

  1. Add a new slide to your PowerPoint
  2. Add the Active-Class PowerPoint add-in to your slide (go to 'Insert' menu > 'Add-ins' > click on 'Active-Class' > 'Add' or 'Insert' add-in)
  3. Select ‘Question Slide’
  4. Select a question
  5. Adjust the settings
  6. Click ‘Save’
  7. Repeat these steps for other questions if needed

Everything is now ready for your presentation. At the time of the presentation:

  1. Open your PowerPoint file
  2. Go to 'presentation mode'
  3. Show the slide containing the joining instruction **
  4. Allow audience to join the 'session' *
  5. Continue with your presentation
  6. When on slides with questions, the audience will be able to respond ***
  7. You can then display the results seamlessly

* you can create a new session, or use an old one if you already have one. As you might want to present your slides on more than one occasion, you can have separate sessions to separate the responses.

** the joining instruction allows the audience to join via their phones, tablets or laptops by either scanning the QR code or entering the 6-character code on website.

*** Activation of the questions should be automatic. But on some earlier versions of the PowerPoint, you might need to click on the 'play' button to activate the question.

Please do contact us on should you have any problems or comments. 

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