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A behavior change coach embedded directly in your workflow.

Thrive for Microsoft Teams is a science-backed behavior change platform to improve well-being and productivity, embedded directly into your workflow. Thrive features include:

- Expert-led Journeys: Improve well-being across key pillars including sleep, food, movement, stress management, connection, and more.

- Personalized Microsteps Choose from hundreds of small, achievable steps that add up to lasting behavior change. They’re too small to fail!

- Thrive Reset: Reduce stress in just 60 seconds through breathing, mindfulness, gratitude, and more.

- Peer Storytelling: Get inspired by others at your organization who have made lasting changes with Thrive.

- Motivational Challenges: Try them solo or team up with colleagues across your organization to improve your well-being together.

- Daily Reflection: Start your day by taking a moment to reflect on how you feel.

Thrive for Teams makes prioritizing well-being as seamless as starting a conversation.

Please reach out to []( if you face any issues. We'll be happy to help.

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