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Sembly records, transcribes & generates smart summaries with meeting minutes

Sembly — the smartest AI meeting assistant that helps easily review & share meeting takeaways, meeting records and transcriptions.

Sembly Microsoft Teams app enables managers and teams to records, transcribes and generates smart meeting summaries with meeting minutes.

Works with Microsoft Teams, available in English across Web, iOS & Android mobile apps.

Turns your meetings into searchable text, highlights key discussion moments, creates notes and summaries. This supercharges team productivity while keeping an eye on achieving desired business outcomes.

Glance View Meeting Summaries contain an AI-generated, sentence-structured description of discussed topics, including an Action Items list that is automatically created from the flow of the discussion (actions, issues, risks, requirements, due dates, responsible parties).

Don’t waste time on manual note-taking. Keep all your meetings for a quick recall. Turn your meetings into searchable records that live in one place. Find a specific part by keyword, key item, or attendee.

Review a meeting in 5 minutes. Keep the entire team up-to-date with meeting summaries. Inform non-attendees on what happened, create a shared understanding of the meeting outcomes, keep a record for future reference.

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