SPS Import From Excel

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Import records from Excel file SharePoint webpart in SharePoint list. You can Add or Update records.

Here is the SharePoint Online webpart, which will help you to import excel file into a list. This tool will not create any kind of list or column. It will help users to import their excel file in specific list. This tool also allows users to update existing records directly from excel file. I have develop the tool in SharePoint Framework.

Currently this tool is for SharePoint Online version only.

We are supporting following columns :

Single line of text

Multiple lines of text



Person or Group (Person + Group)

Person or Group (Person + Group) (Allow multiple selections)

Date and Time


Choice (Allow multiple selections)

Hyperlink or Picture


Managed Metadata

Managed Metadata (Allow multiple values)


Lookup (Allow multiple values)

For any support / query / customization :

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