RPM EnviroDataVault


Capture, store, manage and share environmental data with ease. All from the cloud.

EnviroDataVault is a unique, SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution for the capture, storage, and management of environmental data.

One secure, integrated, Software as a Service platform for all your environmental data needs. EnviroDataVault (EDV) is designed to be used throughout the mine lifecycle, with features for data collection, management, analysis and sharing.

Mining inherently involves constantly changing conditions and landscape, and EDV makes it easy to provide both internal and external stakeholders with data they can understand, when and where they need it.

For performing more advanced analysis and building reports, EDV Sheets provides a suite of eight powerful analysis tools. Combined with our extensive documentation and support, you will be confident handling your data and making informed decisions with EDV.

Note: EnviroDataVault requires an active subscription with RPM to use this software.

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