ChatGPT for PowerPoint


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ChatGPT for Power Point - Transform Your Creativity into Stunning Slides!

Revolutionize your presentations with our innovative AI-powered slides generation add-in. Whether you are a business professional or a student, our add-in is the ultimate tool to help you create AWESOME slides.

Here are just a few examples on how our add-in can help you sparkle:

  • Let AI generate engaging slides that captivate your audience
  • Get AI to automatically add images to make it more appealing
  • Need to change something? No worries, edit slides to your liking
  • Make AI translate your content into dozens of languages to reach the globe (in the works)

Say goodbye to creating presentations from scratch and hello to an innovative way of presenting your ideas. Be sure to check the answers for accuracy, it is an artificial intelligence after all.

We appreciate your reviews, recommendations and ideas. Get in touch with us at

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