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Use Archer's AI to analyze Rent, Expense and Sale comps, and parse T12 financials and Rent Rolls

The Archer Add-in for Excel streamlines the underwriting workflow and enables CRE professionals to make informed investment decisions. With Archer, you can:

- Efficiently Analyze Data: Quickly and precisely parse through key Operating Statements (T12) and Rent Rolls, saving valuable time, reducing manual effort, and eliminating errors.

- Access Market Insights: Easily pull and analyze relevant Archer rent, financial (expense) and sale comps, as well as access previous properties that you analyzed, to make informed decisions and to support your underwriting.

- Secure Cloud Integration: Save your work seamlessly to the cloud using the Save to Archer function, ensuring secure and accessible data management via Archer's proprietary platform. Your entire team can collaborate on a central source of truth.

Please note that access to the Archer Add-in for Excel requires an Archer subscription.

Use Cases:

- Acquisitions

- Brokers

- Mortgage Brokers

- Lender

- Appraisers

Get Started:

- Install the add-in from the office store

- Login with your Archer credentials / token (for more information, login to or request a demo at

- Insert a template into your file using the ribbon

- Insert an address onto the Archer Setup tab

- Refresh comps or parse documents instantly from Excel

Download the Archer Add-in for Excel and join the community of efficient real estate experts.

Tags: Commercial Real Estate, Underwriting, Rent Roll, Operating Statements, Multifamily, Rents, Expense, Comps

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