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Never miss a task. Every task and event in one place.


Belt is an Individual Work Planning software tool tailored to creative and knowledge workers who work with multiple projects and clients, and an ever-changing group of people.

Filling the functional gap between the milestone- and phase-based approach of project management and the to-do list-based structure of traditional task management, Belt manages your work life based on information extracted from your everyday work conversations.

Integrating with your email and calendar, Belt uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence innovation and technology to create, assign, and schedule tasks based on natural language usage.

This add-in allows you to access many of Belt’s key features without leaving Outlook. You can send emails to Belt for processing, and see at a glance whether any tasks are detected in the currently open email.

Add-in features

Send to Belt

-Send the currently selected email(s) to Belt’s AI engine to find tasks

Create task from email

-Analyze the currently open email for tasks, or manually create a task from the email.


To use the Belt add-in for Outlook, you need to be a signed-up Belt user.

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This app will have permission to:

• Receive the contents, and information such as date, subject, and sender, of any email I send to it.

• Access my profile information such as my name, email address, company name and preferred language.

• Access my contacts.

• Analyze my currently open email when the app is active.

• Process the data I send to it in an anonymized form.

Funcionalidades do aplicativo

Quando esse aplicativo é usado, ele
  • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
  • Esse aplicativo pode ler ou modificar o conteúdo de qualquer item na sua caixa de correio e criar novos itens. Ele pode acessar informações pessoais, como corpo, assunto, remetente, destinatários ou anexos, em qualquer mensagem ou item de calendário. Ele pode enviar esses dados a um serviço de terceiros.

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