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Ref-n-Write is a cross referencing and paraphrasing tool for writing research papers and theses.

Ref-n-Write is a very popular research tool used by PhD students, PostDocs and Academics worldwide for writing research papers and theses. You can import reference materials and cross reference while writing. Ref-n-Write contains the largest collection of academic phrases which can be readily used for paraphrasing your content into academically acceptable format. You can check for self-plagiarism and as well as plagiarism against others work to avoid academic misconduct. You can easily recycle and reuse your previous work.


- Search & Cross referencing Tool

- Academic phrasebank

- Paraphrasing tool

- Writing ideas generator

- Plagiarism checker

This add-in is free to download and includes a free trial with limited features. You must sign up for the free trial on our website to use the add-in. Additional purchase is required to continued access after trial. For more info please visit

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