Onsight Connect for Microsoft Teams

por Librestream

Launch Onsight Connect to collaborate with remote experts with AR features in low BW environments.

Onsight Connect remote expert software provides teams with virtual access to colleagues, suppliers and customers to assist with field inspections, troubleshooting, and issue resolution. With the Onsight Teams Application instantly launch an Onsight call to collaborate on assets.

Deployed globally, Onsight Connect securely shares live video, audio, telestration, text and high-resolution images across teams - even in the most bandwidth limited conditions. Advanced features include artificial intelligence for automated object

recognition, real-time language translation to guide workers and IoT visualization to display relevant data onscreen.

Onsight Connect powers a full range of mobile devices including wearables, smartphones, tablets, computers, and specialized Onsight accessories for a consistent experience that fits all use cases and environments across an enterprise.

Using the Onsight Platform Manager tool, an enterprise can enforce security and privacy settings, set network/bandwidth controls, analyze usage, and manage group client policies.

As a core component of the Onsight Augmented Reality platform, Onsight Connect integrates with the Onsight Workspace knowledge base and Onsight Flow digital work instruction capabilities.

The Onsight Connect for Microsoft Teams app is available to Onsight enterprise users with an active account and an Onsight Connect for Windows installation. To purchase Onsight, please contact us at If you are a current Onsight user and would like to upgrade to an enterprise license, please contact your Librestream account manager.

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