QuickApps qMultiSelector

por AgreeYa Solutions Inc.

Filter master-detail list data in qListView and qChartView using multiple drop-down selectors.

Advantages over native SharePoint

• There’s no way to add multiple drop-down filters to a page in native SharePoint without custom coding

• Filter QuickApps qListView and QuickApps qChartView add-ins quickly and easily for dashboard scenarios


• Maximum response time for Severity Level 1 issues

• Technical support coverage

• Access to online forums, documents, videos, and knowledge base

• Online service request management

• Basic how-to and troubleshooting assistance

• Latest software/firmware upgrades

• Phone support

• Email support

To use this add-in you must install the QuickApps qListView or QuickApps qChartView add-in and configure these add-ins to consume filter value from QuickApps qMultiSelector

This SharePoint add-in works in conjunction with another add-in "QuickApps qConfiguration", which is available from QuickApps's website.

This requires installation on your environment outside of the Microsoft Office Store processes due the level of required permissions. A tenant administrator will need to deploy this specific add-in to the tenant manually, so that it can be installed to your environment. When apps are installed outside of the Microsoft Office Store, they may bypass any, and all, safety and security checks provided by Microsoft.

If you have not done so already, it is recommended that you establish contact with the provider before proceeding with installation. Consider trying this add-in on a separate SharePoint Tenancy before installing it on your primary SharePoint site(s).

For download link of QuickApps qConfiguration and more information, please visit

For detailed installation and configuration details, please download and read Quick Start Guide

This free evaluation version will work for 30 days. Please contact QuickApps Sales Team ( for any query related to enterprise and bundle licenses.

Supported Browsers : Edge, Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11.

Supported SharePoint versions : SharePoint Online

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