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Collaborate more efficiently than ever on your DataMiner monitored and orchestrated environment

The DataMiner app for Microsoft Teams opens up completely new ways of interacting with your DataMiner System. It lets you collaborate with everyone involved in your operational DataMiner environment more effectively than ever, by enriching your Microsoft Teams conversations with insights and controls from your DataMiner monitored and orchestrated environment.

The app comes with an intuitive chatbot interface that you can use to request information from your DataMiner System or to instruct DataMiner to perform certain actions. Ask DataMiner about the status of your elements, views, services or other DataMiner data sources in a one-to-one or group conversation, and the DataMiner app for Microsoft Teams will provide a detailed status of your request with links to the relevant detailed data in your DataMiner System.

Users need to authenticate to the DataMiner Cloud Platform before they can execute any commands. They will be limited to the same access rights as they would have in DataMiner Cube. This way, you can keep a close watch on your elements, alarms, metrics etc. together with your colleagues, business partners and customers, in a secure way.

Future versions will also allow taking action directly from Microsoft Teams. Think for example of acknowledging alarms, setting a parameter value, triggering an Automation Script etc. This will allow DataMiner operators to easily take control of the system from anywhere, whenever needed.

Q: What is DataMiner?

A: DataMiner is an end-to-end open monitoring and orchestration software platform for ICT media and broadband environments.

Q: Don't have a DataMiner System yet?

A: Our sales team can answer questions about the DataMiner services and solutions and provide you with details about special offers. You can contact them using the contact page.

Q: How do you configure an existing DataMiner System?

A: The DataMiner app for Microsoft Teams is available for every DataMiner user with a cloud-connected DataMiner System. Instructions on how to configure the connection of your existing DataMiner System to the DataMiner Cloud Platform can be found in the DataMiner Help.

Q: How do you create a DataMiner Cloud Platform (DCP) account?

A: If you do not have a DataMiner Cloud Platform account yet, you can sign up at any time.

You can either sign up when the DataMiner app prompts you to sign in to the DataMiner Cloud Platform, or you can navigate to the DataMiner Services home page.

More information about this can be found in the DataMiner Help.

More questions?

If you have any more questions, you can ask the DataMiner Community or you can reach out to us by using the contact page.

Version 1.1 supports

  • Group conversations and channels.

Version 1.0 supports

  • One-to-one chats with DataMiner (group conversations are not supported yet).
  • Requesting infor