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Access your digital school content directly from Microsoft Teams.

Use **EducationHUB** to access your digital teaching aids directly from Microsoft Teams.

This application is connect to *direct access*, a Dutch non-profit that exchanges access details on digital licenses.

Your students won't need yet another website to access their digital content, they can do so right from Teams. Teacher regain control over what content is presented to their students.

EducationHUB as personal application


The personal tab provides access to all materials licensed to that specific user. Students will still be responsible to buy the correct licenses for their teaching aids through the designated distributor.

By showing these digital aids directly in Teams we take away yet another source of distraction for the students.

EducationHUB as application for a Channel


In a channel this application functions as an unambiguous and unified way to display links to (licensed) digital teaching aids. Teachers are in control of the links provided. Links can also be pre-loaded by an administrator to pre-populate the links provided to the channel, and thus reduce the workload for teachers.

The channel links can be complemented by the teacher adding custom links. The combination of those links is presented in a nice grid with big buttons. Again to take away distractions from students using teams during their school day.

Limited functionality without content connection


This application is free for everyone to use, but it needs a connection to the Dutch non-profit "Directe koppeling" to automatically load the following information:

- Personal teaching aid licenses

- School licensed teaching aids

- Query teaching aids by ean code

Funcionalidades do suplemento

Quando este suplemento é usado, ele
  • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
  • Este suplemento pode acessar informações pessoais na mensagem ativa como as informações de números de telefone, endereços postais ou URLs. Ele pode enviar dados a um serviço de terceiros. Outros itens em sua caixa de correio não podem ser lidos ou modificados.

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