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entomo is a people experience platform built for the digital world of work.

entomo People Experience Platform – now on Microsoft Teams

Add entomo app to your Microsoft Teams to drive people performance and talent development all within your regular flow of work

entomo is a people experience platform built for the digital world of work. With entomo, drive people performance, engagement, talent development and learning all within a single app right on MS teams without having to leave your regular flow of work.

entomo can help you:

· Perform: Measure and drive performance everyday by aligning goals with organisation’s purpose and strategy and scorecards customized for every level of the organisation

· Engage: Drive collaboration and engagement within and across teams with pulse surveys, continuous feedback, rewards and recognitions and more

· Nudge: receive behavioural science based hyper personalized nudges, and automated actionable insights that drive performance

· Act: Manage and work with distributed and remote teams with aligned goals, programs, tasks, actionable reports, project management etc.

· Grow: Build a talent ready workforce with market-intelligence based skill gap analysis, career and learning recommendations, internal mobility, succession planning and more

You need to have an active entomo account in order to use the app, this is an enterprise app and needs to be configured by your IT administrator.

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