Power Automate Process Mining - Process Map Visual

por Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft PBI Certified
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Visualize a business process using a beautiful and easy to understand process map.

Power Automate Process Mining Process Map allows users to visualize a process in a graphical way that can be used to find efficiencies and areas of improvement for a process. The visual allows the user to select different metrics, provides filtering capabilities and integrates with other Power BI visuals. A process map provides a view of the activities performed in a process and their sessions. It represents the behavior of the process captured in data by means of activities and directed edges. Process map activities (also known as nodes) represent a unique activity, or unique values of different selected mining attributes, performed, executed, or passed through in the process. Frequency metric, time metric, or finance metric can be displayed for nodes. The system can display only one metric at a time. The size and color of the highlight (also known as the halo effect) expresses the total proportion of the frequency, time metric in question in relation to the other nodes in the process map. Chart edges represent transitions between individual events and describe the sequence of activities in the process. A transition between events means that they directly follow one after the other. The thickness of the edge and the number displayed next to it depend on the selected display metric (frequency, time, finance) and its value.

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