Selection Slicer by Walnut Innovation

por Walnut Innovation Limited

Microsoft PBI Certified
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Multi-category slicer/filter showing selected and unavailable choices

Selection Slicer is an elegant and intuitive multi-category slicer. Selection Slicer allows multiple fields to be filtered at the same time, with the choices made by the user visible at a glance. This design offers an intuitive experience similar to retail product filtering. The slicer also includes internal filtering between fields, allowing the slicer to show both available and filtered-out options in each filter. This feature may be entirely disabled in the settings. The slicer's appearance can be customised to match the report's theme. This slicer will benefit users that want to create an easy-to-use, intuitive filter for their reports and dashboards. It reduces the complexity of filtering by multiple fields while keeping track of the options the user has already made. Visit out support page for more usage tips. Please note that this visual is currently offered in English only.

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