Project Tracking Dashboard- Azure DevOps


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The dashboard will give stakeholders a 360-degree view of Sprint health and Project progress.

The Project Tracking- Azure DevOps Dashboard by Adrosonic will help stakeholders to assess month over month iteration health, measure iteration output and get insight into details. Sprint Velocity, Sprint goal and various other KPIs will help scrum masters to get better picture of Sprint Progress. Dashboards will provide detailed information about working capacity of associates and utilising their ability to deliver the project on time. Measurements here will help evaluate. • Sprint End Report, Current Sprint Report, Sprint Shortcomings. • Work item status and Sprint Details Report. • How user stories are accomplished per iteration and task breakdown. With the details gained above, Scrum Masters/Project Managers or decision makers will be able to examine the data from many different angles. They can easily compare multiple iterations and combine and see details for the whole. This app can be used for all type of industry practicing scrum and agile methods.

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