Cloud Cost Insight

por Exobe AB

This report shows your total inventory of licenses, how they are assigned and the cost.

This report shows your total inventory of licenses and services, how they are assigned within the organization and the cost related to it. Apart from only presenting the licenses and costs, it can also help you organize your AAD. You can use it to find inconsistencies, for example if multiple names have been used for same department or if any information is missing or incorrect. You can easily find gaps and discrepancies in your AD and act on them to get a clean and completed AD. In the report you can sort and filter the information in multiple ways. The report presents all different license combinations that are assigned to users, the cost of each license and total cost per user. This way you can easily detect if users have been assigned duplicates and it also presents if there are any unassigned licenses, this is one way for you to save money and cut costs. You can sort and filter by user, user groups, country, department etc to see the total costs of licenses. This application is available only in English and additonal subscription from provider is required.

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