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Insights for Resource Central v1.0.4.2

Our customizable Insights workplace analysis solution uses business intelligence dashboards built with Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights and reporting based on your live data gathered from our booking solutions you have in place.

Leveraging Insights can help you better understand and utilize your office spaces, including the following key benefits and capabilities:

  • Monitor and show reports for how specific workspaces and resources are utilized
  • Identify workspace utilization patterns
  • Understand how your existing space is used to make utilization improvements
  • Maximize the use of your workplace spaces including desks, meeting rooms and more
  • Optimize meeting room and workspace setups and resources
  • Implement efficiencies in workspace and resource usage and production
  • Reduce overhead and operations costs related to workspaces and workspace resources
  • Stay competitive and make data-driven decisions to maximize productivity and reduce waste
  • Answer key stakeholder questions about workspace and resource usage and management quickly and easily
  • Identify use of resources with occupancy sensor reporting insights

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