Bsure Insights for Microsoft 365 Licenses and Azure AD

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Control your spending by collecting cost and status of unassigned and unused Microsoft 365 licenses

Do you feel managing your Microsoft 365 licenses can be a struggle?
Do you worry about the cost of your licenses being higher than necessary?
Organizations typically overspend by 10-20%.

Imagine being able to easily gain control of your Microsoft 365 licenses and identify potential cost savings with just a few clicks.That's what Bsure Insights can do for you. This easy-to-use app gives you insights into your license usage and helps you uncover unused licenses.

The self-service installation is a breeze and you can get started in less than 30 minutes.
You'll have access to your data right away, including reports on your company's overall license status and potential cost savings.
The Managed Application collects info about all your Microsoft 365 licenses and users in your Azure Active Directory.

Key features

  • Report on the overall license status and cost in your company
  • Gives an overview of unused and unassigned licenses
  • Explore license usage by a particular Microsoft 365 service
  • Create accurate license usage reports by department or country

All data will be stored in a storage account in your own subscription under your control and will never be exported to third parties.

With our low-cost app, you can stop your subscription at any time and there are no startup or cancellation fees.
So, why not take control of your Microsoft 365 licenses and start saving money today?

Bsure Insights consists of two separate modules:

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Bsure Insights documentation

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