Bsure Insights for Microsoft 365 and Entra ID

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Gain insights to your Entra ID, optimize license spend and improve user security.

Do you need help gaining full visibility to your Entra ID users, subscriptions, license and application usage?

Bsure Solves this Problem

Bsure Insights collects your data and displays them through intuitive Power BI reports. By getting this insight you can achieve the following:

  • Average license savings of ~20%
  • Reduced user security risk
  • Subscribe to premade reports

Key Features:

    • Self-service installation in less than 30 minutes
    • Privacy by design: All data stored in your tenant.
    • 7 day free trial
    • Complete user overview: See all members and guests in your organization, when they were created and when last sign-in.
    • Users: Identify active, inactive and disabled member and guest users with a few clicks.
    • Subscriptions: Keep track of all subscription renewal dates, and when unused licenses can be cancelled.
    • License savings: Enable savings on unused licenses, licenses assigned to inactive and disabled users.
    • Applications: See Entra ID application usage.
    • Security: See admin roles, authentication methods, users not registered with multi-factor authentication or SSPR.
    • Sign-in locations: See where your users are authenticating from and how and what they consume in your Microsoft 365 environment.
    • Cost allocation: Allocate cost for licenses spend and groups.


Bsure Insights consists of two separate modules. A data collector engine installed from Azure Marketplace, and a companion Power BI app (this app) installed from Microsoft Appsource.

Learn more:

Bsure Insights documentation

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