Social Feels COVID-19 Twitter Analysis

por Cross Regions Technology

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Analyze Twitter conversations to learn how people are responding to the COVID-19 crisis

The comprehensive social media listening solution that allows your marketing and customer service teams to analyze a social media conversation in a nearly real-time refreshed Power BI dashboard and learn what people are talking about your business.

Our special algorithms and managed Microsoft cloud services allow your businesses to implement advanced social listening pipelines that are tailored towards your specific needs. This does not only allows you to better serve your audience but significantly increases the return on investment in technology by reducing the need to manage and maintain multiple internal and external social monitoring platforms. In addition, reducing the deployment times by leveraging Microsoft cloud service allows you to speed up the delivery and avoid the proliferation of third-party tools for specific needs.


  • Quickly gather and analyze social media data
  • Analyze social data on nearly real-time refreshed Power BI dashboard
  • Know what’s happening around your business
  • Learn your customers’ feeling about your product or service
  • Discover the most talked hashtags, users and retweets
  • Engage with social media influencers to promote your business
  • Learn sentiment of your audience about your product or brand
  • Benefits

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Engage with customers and discover new sales leads
  • Identify influencers and advocates
  • Understand customer sentiment about your brands or products
  • Learn from competitors
  • Discover new trends and manage crises
  • Respond to customer complaints
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