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Connect to your Mailchimp account and analyze the performance of your Email marketing in Power BI

Mailchimp Email Marketing is a Power BI app that connects to your Mailchimp account and analyzes the performance of your campaigns. The app requires an active Mailchimp account and API Access Key to refresh automatically. You can explore the various pages on the left sidebar to analyze different aspects of your campaign, including a campaign view, tagged audiences, performance analysis, and unsubscription reasons. The app enables interactive view to crucial email marketing KPIs such as open rates, CTR (Clickthrough Rate), and CTOR (Click-to-Open Rate).

The app can act as a Mailchimp connector. Its dataset can be available from new Power BI reports and Excel workbooks. You can even build a Composite model that connects to the dataset and bring additional data sources into the same Power BI report.

What's New

  • Changes in refresh limits of the free version: The free version of the app imports campaigns that were created in the last two months. Upgrade the app to lift the limitation
  • New Activity Measures: Count of opens, count of clicks, count of bounces, count of unique campaigns opened, count of unique campaigns clicked, average recurring opens, average recurring clicks
  • Member Analysis: A new page to analyze audience by members' open rates, CTR and 5-stars rating
  • Members: A new page for export scenarios: All members including the merged fields: company, job title, gender, age and activity fields count of opens, open rate, count of clicks, and click rate (CTR)
  • Members - Decomposition Tree: A new page for member analysis using a decomposition tree
  • Member Details Activity: A new page to analyze members' activity by campaigns. Select a specific campaign and see the members that opened and clicked it
  • Members Merge Fields: A new page to review all merge fields (these are the custom member fields on Mailchimp). Analyze the distribution of members by the merge fields and their values

The basic version of this app is free. It allows you to import your last 2 months of recently-created campaigns, up to 500 members per list, up to 5 unsubscribers per campaign, and up to 100 activities. To lift these limitations, you can upgrade the app to its premium version here. After the upgrade, you can import all data (assuming you don't reach Power BI service timeouts).

With both free and upgrade versions, the report layout can be edited, and the data can be imported or connected live via Excel and Power BI to build your own reporting tools from your Mailchimp data.

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