ITVT Power BI Governance Monitor

por ITVT GmbH

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Identify risks of data leakage and disclosure through Power BI authorization issues

The ITVT Power BI Governance Monitor provides full and detailed accessibility transparency for Power BI data assets. It delivers a full level analysis on the accessibility of Power BI content within your organization. Developed with Power BI itself, it utilizes the Power BI REST API to connect to and model access permission information of all Power BI data assets inside your company, visualizing these insights in an intuitive report. The ITVT Power BI Governance Monitor allows you to quickly drill down to potentially critical authorizations and to identify risks and to leverage optimization potentials like the following: Minimize the risk of data leakage and disclosure through authorization issues - Identify users/groups that have access to sensitive workspaces, reports, apps or dashboards - Identify users who have the permission the reshare content - Identify reports shared with the entire organization or externally Minimize the risk of wrong business decisions through outdated information - Find reports that use stale datasets not refreshed for a long time - Identify undetected data update issues Reduce costs and improve performance by consolidating, deduplicating and optimizing resources - Identify workspaces that can only be accessed by single users (or no more users at all!) - Identify reports that weren’t updated for a long time - Identify similar reports used by different user groups - Identify workspaces that are on premium capacity - Identify and review users and groups assigned the most workspaces and reports - Identify workspaces and reports with the most users and groups This App is fully functional and intended for demonstration purposes. A paid version will provide access to real governance data in your Power BI tenant.

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