K2M Unified Security Center Dashboard

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Unified Security Center provides a common place among Microsoft Security Products

Unified Security Center Dashboard - Quick Security Overview of your Environment This offer is available in English and Portuguese. Companies wants to ensure that their environment is safe and that their employees are using the company’s resources in a secure way. To enable companies to address this issue, Microsoft provides a lot of products that give tools to companies to create useful ways to detect when something is demand some attention regarding security. IT Managers of these companies that care about their security, faces a challenge to view all the information that these products generate for them. To help IT Managers to be able to access this information in a unique channel, K2M offers the Unified Security Center Dashboard, which provides a common place between the Microsoft Security Products in a user-friendly experience in Power BI. Unified Security Center Dashboard provides an easy and quick way to users to access the information generated by: Azure ATP, Information Protection Center, Microsoft Cloud App Security & Compliance, Microsoft Defender ATP and Office 365 Security & Compliance.

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