Expo XT Teams for Power BI

por Metropolis Corp

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Access Analytics into Team Meetings, Messaging, and Call Reporting

Take a test drive with Expo XT and be amazed by what you see!

Go Deep into the Insights from MS Teams

Metropolis reveals its easy-to-use reporting tool with interactive KPIs and Visuals on all calls, meetings, messages that empowers management to maximize the company’s ROI from data-driven decisions.

We deliver granular visibility into Microsoft Teams, channel activity, member interactions, external users, and even sentiment tracking. All Teams data can be augmented with hierarchy roles, regions, and organizational structure, for deeper reporting into org-wide usage patterns.

App Benefits:

Reports with Easy-to-Use Visuals

  • Home Page provides a holistic view of how the organization and users perform over time: Call Volume, Calls by User, Meeting Scorecard, Message Scorecard, and KPIs-Total Calls, Failed Calls, Outbound, Inbound, Meetings.
  • Trend Analysis for calls can be performed with ease with Expo XT: Hot Spot Map, Top Users, and Top Digits Scorecard, this last one shows the frequently dialed numbers.
  • Cradle to Grave is an integral part to chronicle the journey and validation of your calls. It will give you the ability to see the finite details of every call from beginning to end, including every "life event" of the call.
  • Charts represent meetings and all aspects of one-on-one or group meetings measuring duration in Video Sessions, Talktime, and Screenshare time.
  • Queues monitor the calling activity within the Auto Attendant and Call Queues. Queues also track all agent activities as well as display a timeline view of active agents in the queue.
  • The Directory reports on user activities and provides insight into the modalities of Teams, and user activities in the organization. Detailed call statistics from Inbound, Outbound, Bot Inbound, Bot Outbound, and Transfers are also displayed here.

Additional Features

  • Caller Experience, Call Routing Diagnostic, and Benchmark Employee Performance.
  • Customer Service response and Sales Team Activity
  • Resource Planning and Forecasting Traffic Analysis for Trunk Planning

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