NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS for Twitter - Sample Report

por Social Media Research Foundation

Network reports on key users, groups, topics, & time periods in collections of Tweets.

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS is a Microsoft Power BI report template that creates interactive and shareable network reports from NodeXL Pro Twitter datasets. In this App we will share a variety of sample reports over time. A NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report makes use of many different data visualizations - from simple tables to hashtag clouds, from image grids to scatter plots. Easily pivot around all social media dimensions: Tweets, users, groups, hashtags, media, sentiment, space and time. Researchers and marketers can easily gain deep insights into complex Twitter network datasets with just a few clicks. Benefits of NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS reports: Network Insights: The core of any NodeXL Pro Insights report is a network analysis that contains a variety of network metrics on the overall, group and user level. Understand Communities: A cluster algorithm segments users into groups which can be explored on the content level – this is the key to understanding communities. Reveal Influencers: Reveal important influencers based on network centrality scores like Betweenness Centrality, Eigenvector Centrality and others. User Analysis: Analyze the most active users and investigate spammers and (potential) bots with the Drillthrough function. Discover Shared Contents: Sort tables with the most frequently used hashtags, words, URLs and domains – or look at word clouds and image grids to discover shared contents in tweets. Time Series Analysis: See the rhythms and spikes in the activity of users, groups and the whole network over time – by day, by the hour, the minute and the second. Interactive data: Click on any item on any report page to filter the data. Use the Control-key to select multiple data dimensions. Shareable: Easily publish the reports to the web and/or embed it on your website.

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