Aucerna Portfolio

por Aucerna

Brings together data & the business context to address decisions involving risk or uncertainty.

Aucerna is a global partner to the global energy industry, providing the industry's only complete solution for Planning, Execution, and Reserves. Aucerna’s vision is to provide the golden thread of information that connects decision makers from operations to the boardroom in the modern energy industry. From NOC's and Super Majors to Emerging Operators, our integrated solutions are trusted by thousands of executives and technical decision makers in companies in all corners of the Oil and Gas industry. Each Aucerna solution has been built to solve unique problems for energy companies across individual functions with market leading, fit-for-purpose functionality, and integrated to deliver a complete picture of your business. Aucerna has had a single, decade-long focus on improving the decisions that drive energy companies forward, through integrated technology solutions backed by industry expertise and customer service. Aucerna offers the industry’s most complete platform for integrated planning, execution and reserves. They enable customers to spend less effort on integrating data and workflows, and more on analysis, decision making and smarter execution. Aucerna’s Planning Solutions deliver complete asset to corporate workflows for integrated planning across your entire organization, providing planners and senior executives with accurate, timely data to support key decisions. Aucerna Portfolio is an analytic platform for evaluating decisions related to strategy development, portfolio management, capital allocation and M&A. Aucerna Portfolio can help companies optimize their portfolios and gain insights into their performance potential and their strategic alternatives at a corporate or business unit level. This is done in the context of their existing business goals, risks and uncertainties and company opportunities and objectives. Aucerna Portfolio brings together financial and operational data and the business context (business goals, assumptions, constraints, etc.) to address decisions involving risk or uncertainty. Using Aucerna Portfolio, Strategic Planners are able to apply powerful, constraint-based optimization algorithms to complex portfolios, in order to generate diverse strategic scenarios that explore the performance capabilities of your complete portfolio. Aucerna Portfolio’s powerful uncertainty analysis capabilities allow you to evaluate the cumulative impact of commercial and technical uncertainties on operational and financial performance, compute the probability of meeting or exceeding goals and describe the range of possible outcomes, and improve your ability to succeed by understanding the probability of achieving goals over time and quantifying possible downside exposure.

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