4Subsea SWIM™ digital service

por 4Subsea

Digital Twin for drilling operations in the oil and gas industry

Key Decision Support for Oil and Gas Operators Worldwide

Subsea Wellhead Integrity Monitoring (SWIM™) is a Digital Twin that measures accumulated load and other critical parameters on the wellhead during drilling operations, providing KPIs and prediction analysis on a digital platform.

SWIM™ is a well documented and tested solution for monitoring the main barrier while drilling. The same system can be extended to provide live monitoring of drilling risers and conductors.

SWIM™ uses machine learning to predict into the future and artificial intelligence to detect and manage shallow gas/shallow water, structural failures in the wellhead, and conductor instability issues.

With SWIM™ operators can reuse critical wells and maximise lifetime of wellheads by scheduling drilling operations based on well criticality, historically accumulated load on wellhead, and predictive models assessing expected load on wellhead from next drilling operation based on weather forecast.

SWIM™ is built and runs on Microsoft Azure.

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